Curated Smoking Collection is a subscription service that delivers all the essential marijuana accessories you need in one box. This women-owned business is perfect for those who hate running out of rolling papers or getting analysis paralysis at the smoke shop.

The museum avoids public health’s twentieth century indictment of the cigarette industry by praising its progress toward ‘quality’ and’safety’. Its exhibits laud the party-state and its industrial scientists, from anonymous Chinese-looking lab coats to named tobacco agronomists.


Women-owned and operated smoke ware brand Canna Style delivers dainty wine bottle glass pieces, macaroon stash jars, and ornate gold-plated joint cases that elevate cannabis accessories to a new level of functional fashion. Their Parisian-influenced collection transports consumers to a quaint French bistro overlooking the Eiffel Tower, where they can enjoy a crisp glass of Pinot Noir while smoking a delicately rolled pink joint.

Black women redefining the cannabis market one curated store at a time. Meet Nicole Treantafel, founder of Pirate Girl Smoke Boutique, who’s bringing femininity to cannabis with her highly covetable glass and accessories. Her line of sassy, stylish smoke ware is designed to match your personality and lifestyle, making it as fun to shop for as it is to use.


For smokers, pipes are a major component of the overall smoking experience. They must be easy to clean and deliver a smooth hit – which means you need the best weed pipe options on the market.

Spoon pipes are simple, straightforward, and effective – and they can come in fun colors and designs. They’re also easier to light than most other models.

Bubblers are a hybrid of pipes and bongs, and they feature water filtration for one of the cleanest hits you’ll ever have. They can be a little harder to clean than other designs, however.

Queer ceramicist Ninon Choplin creates whimsical, sculptural works that double as home decor. Her wiggly Tobagan pipe looks like a rainbow-hued snake, while the Hudson pipe is a circular piece that resembles minimalist home decor.


Many smokers use accessories like herb grinders and rolling papers to prepare cannabis for consumption. Others, however, may want to splurge on more fancy 420 accessories that elevate the smoking experience. These luxury items can include flavored lighters and snazzy rolling papers.

Several displays in this area highlight the party-state’s support for cigarette manufacturing. These include a display of industrial machines, which includes a multi-channel smoking machine, automatic polarimeters, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometers, and instruments to test cigarette hardness and burning speed.

Woman-owned smoke ware brand, Canna Style, has curated a collection of luxury accessories that fuses function and fashion.


The right pots and pans are the foundation of your cooking arsenal. They need to check all the boxes for your prep style, headcount and kitchen space. It can be a lengthy process of trial and error to find the right set for you. Luckily, Curated has Kitchen Experts ready to help you pick the perfect personalized cookware set!

Among Made In’s most popular lines is the 5-ply stainless clad collection. Its five alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum deliver durability and optimum heat distribution.

It’s easy to clean and maintain as well – simply wash with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or dishcloth. You can also use a mild non-abrasive dishwasher detergent.